Hepcats and kittens chasing the California dream

What originally brought Monte di Monti to California in June of 1955 cannot be confirmed. His previous known whereabouts was in the Ironbound section of Newark, NJ where he hustled money playing billiards at a pool hall owned by local hood “Fat Vinny”…

Secrets behind the “underground” legend.

Cavalier April 1977 issue

Editor’s note: This interview conducted in 1976 contains much contradictory information pertaining to the life of Monte di Monti. Fact checking it is an impossible task as much of his life is shrouded in mystery and several of the principals mentioned in the article are deceased including “East Side Al”…

Show Biz, the Mafia, and Exotic Dancers in 1960s South Beach

The staff refers to him respectfully as Señor Pérez. The silver haired man wearing a white guayabera shirt, brown polyester slacks, and white patent leather loafers moves slowly around the room saying hello to some lady friends who are watching television. He makes his way out to the patio where…

Wanna be Starlets, The Playboy Mansion, and Washed Up Actors. 1968–1972 Los Angeles.

Following his misadventures in Texas during the early sixties, Monte di Monti’s whereabouts for the years 1964–1968 are unknown. There are reports that he was employed at the Balinese Room in Galveston, Texas in 1967, but the evidence of this is unconfirmed. There have also been reports that he was…

Phil Gammage

Artist, producer, songwriter, excellent Mexican food enthusiast, collector of assorted memorabilia.

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