The Hollywood Years: Life in the Fast Lane

Wanna be Starlets, The Playboy Mansion, and Washed Up Actors. 1968–1972 Los Angeles.

Los Angeles 1970
Catherine Lupot, Playboy Magazine “Playmate of the Month” 1971

“I was absolutely crazy about Bob — he was so much fun. But he was too hard a partier for me. About the time we started dating, Bob was starting to get into hard drugs and also making these kinky home movies that I wanted no part of. Sal was into some of that stuff too. It just wasn’t my scene. Yes, I recall very well his friend Monte. He was a quiet and extremely handsome guy. One time when we were alone Bob joked about Monti’s “mob friends.” When I asked him about it he just laughed. Looking back now, I think there was something to that… there was something going on behind the scenes with Monte. He was not your normal Hollywood-type guy, he always seemed kind of dangerous. A nice person and a total gentleman, but he never seemed to be straight up with anyone if you know what I mean…

I was only 23 at that time, and these guys were all in their forties so looking back on it now I feel like they just wanted a younger woman to be with and date. One night that summer Bob tried to get me to go with him to some swinger’s party his friend was hosting in the Hollywood Hills and after I told him no way, he got real angry and dropped me off on the street corner in front of the Whiskey a Go Go. That was it — he quit calling me after that. I ran into him once at a party about five years later and Lord did he look horrible…. just totally burned out. I think he was heavy into cocaine by then, but who knows? Not long after that I heard he was murdered in Arizona. I was sad to hear the news about him but he was hanging out with the wrong people. I always thought his friend Carpenter was a real creep. I never liked that man.”

It wasn’t long after my time spent with Bob that I met my first husband at a party at Hef’s Mansion. We moved down to San Diego where I’ve been based ever since.”

(Lupot currently owns and runs a talent agency. She is married to her third husband.)

Catherine Lupot from her Playboy Magazine feature 1971
Bob Crane, Los Angeles 1967
Sal Mineo, Los Angeles 1965
The mysterious death of actor Bob Crane



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