Wanna be Starlets, The Playboy Mansion, and Washed Up Actors. 1968–1972 Los Angeles.

Following his misadventures in Texas during the early sixties, Monte di Monti’s whereabouts for the years 1964–1968 are unknown. There are reports that he was employed at the Balinese Room in Galveston, Texas in 1967, but the evidence of this is unconfirmed. There have also been reports that he was living in Las Vegas around 1967 while under the employment of Howard Hughes. It can be speculated that di Monti’s motivation for keeping a low profile during these years was his association with several known players (including Lee Harvey Oswald) in the JFK assassination conspiracy. After the assassination and throughout…

Recent evidence concludes that di Monti may have been a co-conspirator of Ruby, Oswald, and Travanty.

Dallas, Texas in the early 1960s was a city of many faces. On one hand, it was known as the “Buckle on the Bible Belt” and was the home to many churches and centers of Christian life. The high society of the city resided in the Highland Park enclave and everyone supported the new pro football team, the Cowboys. However, like many American cities of the era, Dallas had a dark side. The line between law enforcement and criminals was often a blurry one…

Phil Gammage

Artist, producer, songwriter, lifelong Houston Astros fan, excellent Mexican food enthusiast, collector of assorted memorabilia.

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